St.Sebastian’s Sannadhasena
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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” The birth of Sannadhasena was also marked by the same. In 1989, Rev. Fr. Norbert Kocheekaranveetil, Assistant Vicar of St. Andrew’s Church, Arthunkal paved the stepping stone to this great venture.

Small scale traders from different parts of Kerala come to the Basilica compound during the festive time at Arthunkal (January) every year and they have key role in celebrating the feast. But unfortunately, they were exploited, tortured by unloading workers and this in turn created an unpleasant atmosphere during the feast. In order to find a solution to avoid all sorts of atrocities and apathy, and finally established ‘THE SANNADHASENA,’ a volunteer group, officially on 1989 January 8th with all the blessings and support of the Vicar Rev. Fr. Dominic Koilparambil and all the parish members.
For the smooth functioning of the feast, the members of the Sannadhasena offer all sorts of help and guarantee safety to the lakhs of pilgrims and the traders. This put an end to the atrocities caused by the anti local workers and trade unions.
During the feast days, the Sannadhasena members help the traffic police in regulating the traffic and smooth parking. The members are always ready to help the pilgrims in their needs.
During the world-famous procession carrying the miraculous statue of St. Sebastian, the Sannadhasena members form human wall to facilitate the procession in the ocean of people.
The Sannadhasena was registered as a charitable society in 1990 with Reg no.A1552/90. It has a written set of rules and regulations and also a body of elected members as managing committee.

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